Nella Vetrina: Italian Furniture Designer



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Being asked to curate an Italian Event for relevant NYC Designers is like being invited to the Tony Awards when you know you’re going to win.  Steve Brister is the founder and CEO of Nella Vetrina and NV360 (the custom design branch of his company). He was the interior designer of my restaurant, White Street, and to this day, people still call it the most beautiful restaurant they’ve seen. (I mean, we hosted President Obama, for goodness sake!) Steve wanted to hold an event in his new showroom in the premiere D&D building in NYC with LUXE Magazine, and he wanted to “blow minds”; so he called me.

Steve is the perfect client: Highly opinionated and very clear on his vision while, at the same time, entirely trusting of what I would curate on his behalf.

ITALY- The home of arguably the best food and wine on the planet. So, how did I decide what to do? How did I decide what would blow minds and WOW every guest? Easy…here we go!

Welcome to the Nella Vetrina journey through Italy.

After a welcoming glass of Prosecco, we begin in Capri. Please enjoy our lemon risotto cups (thank you Giada!) and melon/proscuitto/baby-buratta skewers alongside a sip of Capri Bianco DOC, a flawless blend of grapes Greco, Bianconella and Falanghina. Next, to Tuscany for Cheese and Charcuterie paired with a Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, Sangiovese. On to Rome for pizza with black truffles and Chianti DOCG, of course! At last, let’s sip Limoncello while devouring Italian dark chocolate truffles filled with the same succulent spirit and Nutella panna cotta.

I’m happy to share every detail with you, including the “How to” of all these yummy bites. Check out the recipe section or click on the links within.

For the mind-blowing furniture, custom-made for your home or business, it’s definitely worth a stop by the Nella Vetrina showroom in NYC. I trust they will still be serving those Limoncello chocolate truffles if you mention “Flaweless” on your visit!