Christine Cole

Hospitality Guru, Sommelier, and Chef


Welcome to Flaweless.com! Thank you so much for stopping by.

I created this brand and website because hospitality is needed in how we treat ourselves, our children, our partners, our colleagues, and our friends. There’s a hospitable way to dress, wear makeup, walk, decorate, set a table, organize a closet, garden, shop, cook, and more.

I’m a woman who didn’t achieve respect or success by being tough. I’m creative, highly opinionated, and learned about business by getting a deep understanding of people from managing teams. That said, I’m an artist who is not afraid to break “the rules.” Beyond food, wine, and hospitality, I sing and will use music to create experiences like no one else!

You’re here because you’re extraordinary. On our journey, I’ll remind you to stop being small; stop playing “tough,” and stop trying to do everything yourself! #burnout

Be kind to yourself and others. Shake your fears and break “the rules.” Hey, I spelled my company name wrong and it is OH SOOOO right. ;)

It’s an honor to be your guide.




Christine Cole is Flaweless—a hospitality guru, stunning chef, and whimsical sommelier. For the last two decades, she’s revolutionized the NYC restaurant industry. Now, she’s teaching people how to bring that world class hospitality home!

Restaurant credits include ownership and operations of White Street, a decade of General Management for BONDST, opening and General Management of Empellon’s Midtown Flagship, and Project Manager of wiring for A/V, security and POS of Wayan, by Cedric Vongerichten. She is the Founder and Sweets Inventor of CHRISTINEats, a liquor infused confectionery company carried in Whole Foods, Bloomingdales, and world-wide e-commerce.

Since 2018, Christine has been independently consulting, event planning and hosting, and curating cross-promotional partnerships under the Flaweless brand. Clients include Nella Vetrina, Kindbody, Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking, Lucky Dragon and P.S. 234.

Flaweless is your one-stop destination for all things hospitality. The website is an amazing resource for recipes, wine resources for sommeliers, and visual guides for event planning. When not creating content and experiential events, Christine can be found galavanting through TriBeCa with her husband and son.

Learn more at Flaweless.com.