“Fair, detailed, creative beyond measure”


Christine is by far the most compassionate and fabulous human. I knew I could learn so much from her! Before Flaweless entered my life, I was a bit sad and lonely. Now, I'm full of passion, vibrancy, happiness and LOVE!!! AND REALLY YUMMY FOOD AND WINE. Christine's work is fair, detailed, CREATIVE beyond measure, and always done to the best. She's inspiring—and embraces 'work smarter, not harder!' I've learned the importance of patience, paying attention to detail, and inspiring others. Everything must be beautiful, bringing out the best in every detail, every person, every guest! I've benefitted from the mentality that what needs to be done should get done without question and with a fabulous smile on your face. And HEELS! Flaweless created a nest of trust and inspiration where the people around felt comfortable to thrive! There is no one who does hospitality like Christine and the world will be a better place once we're all Flaweless!

-Denise Barker, Sommelier and Wine Consultant