"Budget was very reasonable... tremendous impact"


Our process was laborious and required a lot of manpower, which were volunteers, and therefore not always reliable. The food & beverage was not cohesive and instead, a hodgepodge of donated items. As a non-profit, we have limitations on how much we can spend on events. Especially since every dollar spent producing the event is a dollar that doesn’t go to the children. Christine’s proposal was well thought out and the budget was very reasonable. We were excited about the opportunity to elevate the food and beverage game and provide the community a more mature experience at our only adult-only event. Flaweless is professionalism and creativity. They provided a streamlined, cohesive food & beverage experience that catered to the taste of our community. The elevated food & beverage had a tremendous impact on the execution of the event. Everyone was talking about it and how it really set this year apart from other years! 

-Alyssa Wand, PTA President, PS 234

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