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Events can be overwhelming. If you’re wanting to provide the ultimate guest experience, you need to create a Flaweless experience. You’ll hear them saying things like:

How’d they do that?
That’s the best service I can recall!
Where’d they find these people?
That’s the best food I’ve ever had!

While it may be “only an event” to some, we both know it’s about getting high-profile investors, impressive ROI, and, perhaps, even some press coverage!

I know you’re working tirelessly to keep things from looking cheap, low-class, and unsophisticated. But let’s be real! You should never be working your own event! Your quest for perfection is obstructing the real WOW factor. That requires finding good support.

I work smart to make sure that we “knock their socks off”, that everyone leaves satisfied, and that you, the one who put it all together, come off as “super- human”!


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How is this different from event planning/catering?

I’m certainly an event planner and caterer, but to have a Flaweless event? It takes A LOT more than food and rentals!

As an owner and general manager of NYC restaurants for 20 years… I specialize in WOW. Whether President Obama’s 2014 Fundraiser or a casual roof top BBQ, my events are staggeringly memorable; even legendary.

Let’s make magic together!


How do you staff your events?

I hire the best staff NYC has to offer. They are skilled, charming and brand aligned with your event vision.


How much is this going to cost?

There are a lot of variables that influence cost. I’ve produced events from as little as $1000 to upwards of $500,000. Fill out the form below and let me know your budget! I’d encourage you to think about the following:

  • # of Guests

  • Timing

    • What’s the weather/season, day of the week, time of day, and length of event?

  • Space

    • Does the space have running water, a kitchen, rental fees?

  • Rentals

  • Food

    • Passed apps or seated dinner?

    • Heavy or light portions?

    • Do you want the food to “change your life” or not upstage the entertainment?

  • Beverage

    • Premium Open Bar or Beer & Wine only?

    • Signature cocktails

  • Staff

    • Celebrity Chef

    • Sommelier

    • Bartenders vs. Mixologists

    • Servers, bussers, runners, hosts, bathroom attendants

  • Other

    • Do you need special lighting, audio, video, an event photographer/videographer, step and repeat, DJ, MC, magician, fireworks, Go Go Dancers, ADELE performing?

I can’t wait to hear about your vision! Fill out the form below and let’s start planning!


What's included? What's extra?

By engaging Flaweless as your Event Curator, you’ll get my complete leadership of the your event from conceptual stages through the critical launch. My services are available for all or portions or you can choose to just engage me for a single department like Service, Food, or Wine.


Do you carry insurance?

Do you? No seriously, I like the way you think! Trust me when I say that I’ve got ALL the details covered. Fill out the form below and let’s start talking.


How much food will there be?

With 20 years in restaurants, I deeply understand portioning. I know how many bites people will take based on time of year, days of the week, male vs. female, sushi vs cheese, savory vs sweet. If you tell me you “want it light” your guest will leave wanting more. If you want them full, they will roll out of there in bliss! Just tell me your goal and I guarantee I can meet it. Dare I say exceed it!


How long will this take?

I’d like to be on board 3 months before your event. I’ll be with you until the rentals are picked up and the photographer has delivered your retouched images, too.


If I'm not in NYC, can you still help me?

Sure can! We are intentionally a remote company and conduct 99% of our business via email, phone, and video. If you need help with something, please reach out! 


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