100% Control + Complete Freedom


So, you think working 80-hour weeks is a badge of honor?

What if we could get you to 20-hour weeks, lower stress, and move your numbers up?

As a Hospitality and Management Consultant, I’ve advised teams, managers, executives, and brand owners and executed award-winning events and businesses. Conservative decisions got you this far. Now it’s time to get creative.

Owning and operating high-profile NYC restaurants with celebrity chefs and teams of 100+, as I have, required tremendous creativity and a deep understanding of the roles of leadership vs. management and of systems with profoundly strong organization.  

If you’re having trouble with creating consistency between your locations (e.g. issues of traffic, food and beverage quality, profitability, or brand experience), what you need is someone who can deliver revolutionary new systems and business automation. I can help you stay up-to-date on all of the relevant NYC laws, remain current on communication and systems for employees, and curate a staff that cares about the business as much as you do… staff who’ll stay with you for a lifetime!

Work smarter, not harder. It’s possible for you to “be everywhere” without running yourself ragged, and to be free of the need to continually hire new employees. Once operations are running with our “Flaweless” factor, you’ll find that it’s easy to attract more “regulars”, to create more critical acclaim, to increase the number of high-profile guests and investors, and to achieve celebrity-level recognition for your brand.

You deserve business nirvana. I offer a complimentary consultation for new clients.


Featured Clients


Featured Press


Women’s Wear Daily

“A great restaurant is about the food and the atmosphere. But even if those two things are right, the place won’t flourish if the staff is not happy. There are a lot of miserable managers and staff who are overworked.”


The New York Times

“…most exciting New York has seen in a long time. Empellón is the flashiest, fanciest and newest of Alex Stupak’s three restaurants, and the one that provides the fullest expression of his dreamscape vision of Mexican food.”



Why hire Flaweless over other consultants?

I love restaurants and hospitality. I’m fiercely passionate about service and the team that creates that magic around a perfect sip of wine and addictive bite of food. I’m opinionated, decisive, and highly practiced at executing the vision of leaders, as if they were my own. I fall in love with talented people and their passion projects when I believe in them.  


Who is Flawless NOT a fit for?

I don’t accept a client unless I can be of service and, critically, when they are willing to trust me to “own” and execute the vision.  


What if I'm not a restaurant?

No problem! I’ve worked with matchmaking companies, interior designers, fertility companies, a construction company, and more. The skills of a restaurant manager have proven to be applicable to many different industries. (It’s amazing how when you manage a team of 100+ artists and millennials you learn a lot about team culture, systems, and how to enroll a group of people into the vision of the company!)


What’s included if I engage Flaweless?

My assistance is available from conceptual stages, the critical period of a grand opening, and through the training of your management, staff, and various teams. By engaging me as a consultant, you’ll get my complete leadership for all phases—or the portions of time you need me. See the answer below for more details!


How long will this take?

That depends on your goals and needs. Usually, I engage on a project for 3-12 months. My assistance is available for all or portions of the phases listed below. If nothing else, this outline can be a guide of the critical opening process. However, each phase is necessary for a functional, profitable, and joyous culture in any launch. 


PHASE 1: Planning, Budget, and Concept for Multi-Unit Operations

RESULT: Construction will be aligned with all service and brand requirements. A meticulously clear vision to inform everything else we create.


PHASE 2: Data and Materials

RESULT: Systems so tight that ANYONE could open this restaurant.


PHASE 3: FOH Technical

RESULT: Facilities will include every need of restaurant operations.  

PHASE 4: Management Hiring/Training

RESULT: Healthy and powerful leadership team—regardless of the physical presence of ownership or myself. An inspiring and productive work culture and a FOH Management team fully prepared for the hiring and training of the FOH staff.


PHASE 5: Opening

RESULT: A powerful and exciting restaurant opening.


What happens after the project ends?

I don’t think any job is ever finished. I’m always available to you for follow up needs. In fact, many clients bring me back for quarterly and monthly check-ins. The ongoing support of your management team would be considered as a future project or separate maintenance hours.


I’m not located in NYC, can you still help me?

Sure can! We are intentionally a remote company and conduct 99% of our business via email, phone, and video. If you need help with something, please reach out! 


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